Printing Services

Our printing services offer a cost-effective solution for every printing job. With our extended capabilities through the Blue Star Group, we can work to your specifications for time frame, budget, quantity and end finish. We can also work with you however it suits you best, managing everything remotely or with a press pass level of service.

Offset printing

Offset printing is the traditional method for printing. It’s proven by time and cost-effective for large print runs, guaranteeing excellent colour and finish on a wide range of print media and surfaces. Once set up, offset presses work very efficiently, providing consistent and accurate colour reproduction and detail.


  • Offset is the most cost-effective printing method for large runs, reducing the unit price the more you print.
  • You get more choice with paper stocks and custom finishes than other forms of printing.
  • Offset offers the choice of different inks including Pantone colours and metallics.
  • Offset continues to provide the best quality, colour and detail of any printing method.

Digital printing

Digital printing uses liquid ink or toner to reproduce images onto paper. It’s perfect for small print runs as it has a much lower setup cost than offset printing. For businesses who don’t need large runs of printed material, digital is the best solution. As technology improves, digital print quality continues to get better.


  • The setup costs are lower and you can print the amount of units you need, when you need them.
  • It’s an inexpensive method for printing in black and white.
  • Digital printing allows for different data variables, allowing you to print media with personalised information.


Our printing services include wide format printing, allowing us to print detailed, high-resolution imagery onto a variety of surfaces. This is ideal for signage, displays, retail applications, and promotional stands at conferences and event

Brew Pack Tower-1DL


We’re experts at designing structural packaging in any size or shape, and using different stocks appropriate to the product. We have specialist equipment for forming packaging so it’s fit for purpose and ready for use.


Our designers provide supplementary design support work if you need help to improve the overall appearance of your printed material. We can also help if you need artwork for a concept to completion project.


We can do much more than produce high-quality branded stationery. We also handle the logistics and distribution of print products to nationwide organisations such as schools, universities and government departments to ensure you’re continually stocked.


From unique branded gifts to uniforms and items for tourism operators, we can produce any kind of promotional products, corporate gifts or branded merchandising within your budget. If you need products to help you stand out, we can help with fresh and creative ideas.